Unique Twisst sender accounts



Twisst uses a lot of accounts to send ISS alerts from. The problem is that Twitter sometimes suspends these accounts, because it thinks they are spambots.

To prevent this, we should make the sender accounts more unique. So instead of naming them all 'Twisst ISS alerts', I decided to name each account after a moon or an artificial moon (a satellite).

We need about 200 names and bio's. Feel free to help! See what fun fact you can express in just a small sentence. I'm fine with it as long as it's about moons and satellites and not offensive.

Enter your suggestions in the form below. Inspiration here and here. Names and bio's should not be longer than the examples.




My examples:

Twisst Ajisai
This account was named after a Japanese artificial moon that is a true work of art (pls google it).
[already in use at twisst154]

Twisst Titania
This account was named after Uranus' largest moon, in turn named after the queen of fairies.

Twisst Starshine
This account was named after satellites with 900 small mirrors that were polished by students.

Twisst Lageos
This account was named after Laser Geodynamics Satellites (that look like pretty disco balls).