Top-20 ISS Twitter accounts

Follow these 20 accounts if you want to know what is going on in the International Space Station in 2012 and beyond.

Experts, space agencies and real astronauts tweet about life onboard ISS, experiments, press events, supply launches, crew changes and orbit corrections. Follow them and you will also see many great photos and videos taken by crew members. A spacetweep must-follow list!

Twitter handle Name Why follow?
@ISS_NatLab NASA National Laboratory Official NASA account that tweets mostly about US-based experiments on board ISS
@ISS_Research NASA ISS Research Official NASA account tweeting about all research on board ISS
@EsaScience ESA Science Official ESA account that reports on all science projects for the European Space Agency, much of which takes place inside the ISS
@JAXA_en Japanese Space Agency Official JAXA account providing updates in English about Japanese space exploration, much of which is related to the Japanese ISS laboratory and HTV supply flights
@Federalspace Roscosmos Russian Space Agency Official Roscosmos account tweeting about Russian space flight, plus daily updates on Russian experiments on board ISS and news about Soyuz and Progress ISS supply flights
@CSA_ASC Canadian Space Agency Official CSA account that tweets information about Canadian ISS missions, including Canadarm and Canadian crew members
@ISS_Promisse ISS Promisse Mission News Non-agency account that follows all news related to ESA’s promISSe mission
@Twisst Twitter ISS Tracker Get twitter notifications when ISS passes visibly over the location in your Twitter bio
@ArianeSpace ArianeSpace Official account for commercial company that launches ESA ATV ISS supply ships from French Guyana
@SpaceX SpaceX Official account for the first commercial ISS supplier, using Dragon capsules that will allow material to be sent back to earth
@OrbitalSciences Orbital Sciences Official account for the second company starting commercial supply flights to ISS in 2012, using the Cygnus spacecraft
@KeystoneFlight Scott Stover (NASA) The NASA Flight Director for ISS expedition 30
@AstroCoastie Dan Burbank (NASA) Expedition 29/30 ISS crew member and commander of Expedition 30
@Astro_Pettit Donald Pettit (NASA) Expedition 30/31 ISS crew member
@Astro_Andre Andre Kuipers (ESA) Expedition 30/31 ISS crew member
@AkiHoshide Akihiko Hoshide (JAXA) Expedition 32/33 ISS crew member
@Cmdr_Hadfield Chris Hadfield (CSA) Expedition 34/35 ISS crew member and commander of expedition 35
@AstroMarshburn Thomas Marshburn (NASA) Expedition 34/35 ISS crew member
@Astro_Luca Luca Parmitano (ESA) Expedition 36/37 crew member, tweeting a lot about his current astronaut training
@AstroRobonaut Robonaut2 (NASA) Official NASA account of the only permanent ISS crew member, the robot astronaut

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Remco TimmermansRemco Timmermans (@timmermansr) is a consultant on sustainable tourism and a space enthusiast. In 2011, he live-tweeted from two impressive launches: the last space shuttle from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and a Soyuz rocket from the Kosmodrome in Kazachstan.