Technical FAQ

If you have any questions about what ISS is or how you can spot it, please look at our Facts and Figures section.

Great service, but I don't want to receive your alerts anymore. How do I stop them!?

Just unfollow @twisst and they will stop. You may get one or two, but that will be it. Make sure you unfollow @twisst itself, not on of the sender accounts (see below).

I'm getting alerts from a lot different accounts with numbers. Why is that?

We use a lot of accounts to send the alerts. Twisst sends about 11,000 tweets every day, and it's not possible to send them with just one account, because of Twitter limits.

If you want the ISS alerts, only follow @twisst. Don't follow the sender accounts, like twisst42 and twisst13. If you follow them you will see tweets for your friends in your timeline. Our alerts show up in your replies-list:

I don't want to tell everyone where I am by putting my location in my Twitter profile! Can't I just DM you my coordinates?

For now, we can only work with the location in your Twitter profile. You could put your country or province in your profile. There is no need to reveil your exact location; ISS flies so fast that even a large distance on land will only matter a few seconds, or minutes at most.
You might want to have a look at - thanks!

Can I use Twisst when I don't make my tweets public?

Ehm... I think so. But really, isn't Twitter about open conversation? What's with the secrecy? ;-)

Will you make a Twisst for other objects too?

There's still a lot more improvements we want to add to this Twisst, but yes, in the future we hope to alert people to more cool objects in the sky. Adding Iridium flares is high on the list.

I'm not getting any SMS alerts from you on my mobile!

if you are using Twitter through text messages on your mobile, Twisst won't be of much help to you. We're sending the alerts through a lot of different sender accounts, which you would have to follow to get their tweets on your mobile.
However, we do have a cool workaround. Through Google Calendar, you can get our alerts as SMS text messages on your mobile every time ISS passes. For free!

Could you include the direction of ISS and it's elevation?

Yes. We soon will make this optional. The default alert will be geared towards to generally interested people, but for those space geeks out there it will be possible to switch to a more technical alert which has all the details.

But... my question is not answered here!?

Please don't hesitate to ask us anything. Just send us a tweet @twisst and we will probably reply quickly and maybe add your question to this page.
If you want to add anything to the answers on this page, you can do so below here. Thanks!


I'm excited to be receiving alerts again! Got one today from about a pass coming up in NE @ 4:55 am but details link says something is wrong and that there are no passes shown for my area. Plus, all of the other nearby twisst followers (there were always about 10 others) are no longer there. I haven't changed my twitter profile or location and don't know what else to check. Thank you for any help :)

I havent gotten an alert for weeks now. I unfollowed and followed again but still no alerts. Why did mine suddenly stop. When I did unfollow I did get a message about it. I WANT MY ALERTS BACK PLEASE

You've picked up my location data wrongly - I've updated my profile to include UK - will you be able to update your records from that or do you only get location data when someone first follows you?

Hi #15, sometimes people think they unfollowed @twisst, but really only stopped following one of the sender accounts. If you want me to check, please tell me so in a tweet to @twisst.

I would like to unfollow twisst and not receive any notifications anymore. I unfollowed it in January but I am still receiving notifications and when looking in my android twitter on my phone, I am still in the mentioning list...
please could you check that or delete all messages, mentionings and my twitter account from your system. thanks in advance...

Hi Frenchman,

Passes of ISS always occur in periods of evening and morning passes. You're right, at the moment in Europe we only see it in the morning. A new period of evening passes will start next week.

Also see 'Invisible ISS' here:


Since a number of weeks Twisst is sending me tweets when the ISS is passing my place. All I get are passes between about 4 and 6 a.m., but ISS will pass in the evening too I suppose??? How come ??

Hi Danros, that's probably because you are somewhere else than the location our system thinks you are. You can check the location we have for you on the page your alerts link to. Please also see

Vik, the horizon is 0 degrees and straight above you is 90 degrees. If ISS passes high above the horizon, say higher than 60 degrees, than you should be able to spot it from anywhere, even in cities. If you're with friends, it's a fun game to see who can spot it first :-)
The alerts and your personal page tell you in which direction to look - use a compass ;-)

I always get the tweets after the flyover. What is up with that?

How do I learn what "will be flying over at 16 degrees" (or however many degrees) means & how to look at the proper area?

Would it be possible to get the data as an iCal subscription rather than a tweet? I feel like this kind of data woud be more useful in Google Calendar than on Twitter.

Hi Tony, there's no easy way to get alerts for more than one location on just one Twitter account. We'd have to change our system.
Are the locations far apart? If it's not more than, say, two hundred miles, the alerts would not be different more than a few minutes.
You could check for data for different locations. If you would set up two accounts though, you could set up alerts for your calendar or your mobile, so you wouldn't have to check the two accounts all the time. See

I am wondering if it is possible to be alerted for more than 1 location without having to start another twitter account for that other location.

I have not had any alerts from you for over a month now. I am still following you on twitter also on 4 other twitter platforms. Is this a normal practice to wait this long as I was getting alerts every day before. I look forward to your reply. Many thanks mr stuart sleigh.

I have not received a tweet from Twisst in 2 to 3 weeks. Is this normal or is something wrong?
I am in Mt Uniacke, NS Canada

If you don't want to receive the alerts anymore, just unfollow @twisst. It's possible you will receive one more alert after that, but that's all.