Facts and figures

Twisst helps you spot the International Space Station (ISS) in your sky. That's easy enough, but you may start wondering about ISS. What is it doing up there? Here we will try to answer all your questions.


Spotting ISS

Beginners' guide to ISS spotting. Where to look and what to look for.

About ISS

What is this international space station anyway? Read all about its size, cost and inhabitants.

Invisible ISS

ISS will pass over you very often. Find out how often, and why it is that you still can't see every pass.

Other objects

While you are out there looking for ISS, you might as well look for other exciting sights in the night sky!

Technical FAQ

Look here if you are not getting alerts or if you have another technical question.


How Twisst works

It may not be rocket science, but still, Twisst is a pretty smart system. Find out how it works.

For those who don't know Twisst yet: you can receive an alert, through Twitter, each time the international space station passes visibly at your location - just follow @twisst.