Never miss an ISS pass again: Free SMS Text Message Alerts

The Twisst @-replies on Twitter are a great way to stay informed on ISS passes. However, sometimes you may have forgotten about it by the time ISS actually flies by.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to get an SMS text message on your phone 5 minutes before ISS passes? Well... now you can!

It's very easy! All you need is a Google account and a mobile phone.

Adam at NASA TweetupProgrammer Adam Horn has thought of a very smart trick: a way to send people ISS alerts through free SMS (mobile text) messages.

Adam (seen to the right using his own phone during a NASA Tweetup) made a script that gives you a calendar for ISS passes. If you feed that calendar to Google Calendar and set alerts, Google will send you text messages just before ISS actually crosses your sky.


Google provides their service free of charge and in a lot of countries around the world. This means that thanks to Google, we can send this information to the mobile phones of a lot more people across the globe than similar commercial services could.

You may find our feed usefull without the mobile phone alerts. It is a standard iCal-feed, so you can use it to have ISS passes in any calendar software which accepts that format, such as Outlook.

Getting started

Before you proceed to get your ISS alerts, log into this website using your Twitter account. You can click on the button to the right. When we know who you are, we can store your preferences, like for which passes Twisst should send you SMS alerts. We assume you don't want SMS alerts waking you in the middle of the night.

Once you are logged in,
click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up SMS alerts.



Do you get the error when logging in to this site with your twitter id?


I just tried and I got an error access denied and required a log-in. Suggestions? Thanks.



The direction to look has now been added to the SMS part of the calendar feed.

It may take 24 hours or so, for Google to retrieve the up to date feed.




@1 that's a bug which I'm going to repair now. It just means that the server is too busy to find you. When that happens, please try again at a later moment.

@neutronwrangler I have seen that happening to more people. That was the data we got from Heavens-Above. Just a glitch on their side I'm afraid, nothing to worry about :-)

@3 we will soon offer that as a preference you will be able to set yourself!


Could the alerts have the direction to look for the ISS added to them? It's great idea and works well never the less. thanks guys.


Spurious calendar entry last night - the correct 23:26-23:31 was also there

Reminder: ISS Pass, Mag -3.2, Max Alt 53 @ Sun Jun 27 22:59 - 23:59 (ISS passes )


I try to sign in, but says Your user account has already added, try using /user/login , but that wil not work, i get the same message!

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