Status: Twisst is over capacity

Dear followers,

 Although we're sending over 25,000 alerts daily at the moment, not everyone is getting their ISS alerts. I would like to let you know what's going on.

Twisst has been growing steadily. We're now at 44,000 followers. Even astronaut @astro_andre tweeted about us (from within the ISS!), which meant about two thousand new followers in just three hours.


To let followers of @twisst know when they can see the ISS fly by, we use a host of Twitter accounts. We need many, because Twitter won't let you send thousands of tweets through one account.

So with all these new followers, we needed even more accounts. I asked you, my followers, to create new accounts for me. That was quite a success. We gained about two hundred new accounts! Thanks!


However, Twitter as a platform tries to fight spam bots - and Twisst is a bot. Every new account I start using is getting blocked. I tried to make them look less like spam accounts, but they get blocked anyway because of the mass tweeting we do.

So basically, we're over capacity. I asked Twitter Support to unsuspend all accounts that got suspended, but without much success. I emailed a friend inside Twitter. I expect his reply in a couple of days. Several Twitter employees are following twisst, maybe I'll ask them for help too.

I have lots of cool things in mind I want to do with Twisst, but recently I have only been busy keeping it running. If Twitter cannot facilitate Twisst to grow further, then we'll have to limit our service to the people using it now. It will be very exclusive ;-)

For now, if you are not getting alerts while you should, please consider using our calendar feed. Your personal page on this website will also keep mentioning the next upcoming pass. We'll also add a Heavens-Above-like summary to that page soon.


Thanks for your support, I'll keep you posted on our status.



Twisst is actually adding value to Twitter; It is only because of services like Twisst that I started using Twitter. I sincerely hope that Twitter realises this and finds a way to support this service.