What does ISS look like?

ISS is big. Its huge solar arrays measure some 110 by 73 meters. But it's also far away. In the sky, it just looks like a bright star, slowly moving against the background of real stars.



zojuist zondag 19 februari 2012 ISS echt over zien vliegen na 3 eerdere pogingen die toen te bewolkt bleken. Omdat je niet weet wat je kan verwachten is het spannend en aan de andere kant weet je niet waar je naar moet kijken. Wel nu, het is erg simpel. ISS komt volgens aangegeven windrichting bv uit het westen net als de zon op, klimt omhoog met een continue snelheid en een continue helderheid als een bewegende ster. Als het niet bewolkt is en je kijkt in de goede richting kan je hem echt niet missen. Eenmaal recht boven ons zeg maar werd het licht minder (de reflectie van de zon houdt dan op) en verdwijnt het uit het zicht. Een mooie ervaring rijker!

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ive seen the ISS tonight traveling over dewsbury/wakefield west yorkshire was traveling quite fast also seen a satellite that was traveling quite close was amazing...


ISS,passed over Malton North Yorks tonight at 2028hrs.Fairly bright,but travelling fast,time to range across sky,approx 2mins


I just see the ISS pass over my head. awesome!


Thank you for sharing this article. So excellent. It make me feel that life is full of interesting and exciting, I must face life with smile. Then our life will become more beautiful. Thanks again. by Supra Cuban.


Thank you for Twisst! I did not know something like ISS existed. And that there where people living on/in it. I thought it was a satelite... Is ISS a he, she or an it?


Great ISS Photograph shot by NASA:

After undocking, the space shuttle Discovery crew got a memorable view of the developing International Space Station (ISS). Pictured orbiting high above Earth last month, numerous solar panels, trusses, and science modules of the ISS were visible. The Discovery crew brought mission specialist Nicole Stott to the ISS, and returned astronaut Timothy Kopra to Earth. Among the many mission and expedition accomplishments of the Discovery crew included delivering and placing the Fluids Integrated Rack and the Materials Science Research Rack in the Destiny module as well as the Minus Eighty Degree Laboratory Freezer in the Kibo module. Better known, however, was the delivery of the COLBERT treadmill for keeping astronauts fit. Over this past week the Soyuz TMA-16 spacecraft carrying three more astronauts docked with the ISS as Expedition 21 is set to begin. The next shuttle trip to the ISS is currently scheduled for 2009 November 12.


Can you see the ISS from NZ ?


I believe I have seen it before but I did not know what I was watching/looking at


Although it looks like a bright star, you might be able to observe certain parts like solar panels, tail of spaceshuttle and the canada remote boom arm by taking a still-image and zoom-in a little bit. You can compare the still-image with online images. Very nice.

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