A new website!

You are looking at the newly designed Twisst website. We hope you like it!

We're going to add more info and more Twisst-features, so we needed the extra space. Also, with this design, the text is easier to read (we think).

The right column is still quite empty, but that'll change soon. The yellow/orange header bar is a bit empty as well. We haven't decided yet on what should go above the captions. The bar is there to tell new visitors what Twisst is about, so it should be really recognizable. Maybe colourfull pictures. Or clean vector icons. If you are a pro designer and you want to give it a go, please do! Post your suggestions to Flickr and tell us where to look in the comments. Thanks!



An FAQ section, great idea ;-) We really should have one, so let me start one immediately. Our brand new FAQ you can find at http://www.twisst.nl/faq
Allow me to answer your questions there!



I'm trying to find an FAQ section, I'd like to know if you can send alerts to a private or locked account. I've been following @twisst for some time now and don't remember getting any alerts, not since I initially followed. I've followed, unfollowed and refollowed to see if it 'jogs' my presence. Maybe the prob is my account is set to private? I've also changed my location, tho not keen to put co ordinates as I'm paranoid of stalkers!!! Can you help/advise?

(I see there is is a FAQ section somewhere, as you've told someone you've fixed the error MSG. Maybe I'm just to stupid to see the link?)


Thanks James, I just corrected the error.


All the FAQ pages say
"Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page. "


I like the improvements! The white background is a lot better,

Standard Youtube embed is 425 pixels. Does that fit in the content column?

Also, lose the input format choice (too complicated), and the captcha (install anti-spam).

Oh, and it should be possible to submit without preview.



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