What happens when Mr. UFO sees ISS

Tony Topping sees UFO's often. He says he has been having experiences with unidentified flying objects all his life and he is sure of it: we are not alone.

Spotting aliens comes so naturally to him, that he can do it from his back yard in Selby, North Yorkshire, a town in the middle of Great-Brittain. Lucky for us, he occassionally points up his video camera.

Last week Tony did it again. He made this video of a UFO:

Tony doesn't like what he sees one bit: “I don't know if they are friend or foe, but they are coming much too close for my liking,” he says while filming the bright white dot in the sky. “I would like to ask the people behind this some probing questions, what they are doing and why they are here.”

Well, that may not be the mystery Tony thinks it is.

The UFO in the video looks remarkably like space station ISS flying by. The images are of bad quality – in this genre they are supposed to be – but Tony says the object is not making any sound, flies over slowly and shines a very bright white light. Sounds like and looks like ISS, don't you think? And on the night Tony shot this video, ISS visibly crossed the British sky five times!

Be sure to also watch Tony's other video, where he estimates this UFO to be 'a good 600 feet up'. ISS actually is over one million feet up, 350 kilometers or 217 miles.

The funny thing is that when Tony sees something, the most logical explanation to him is 'UFO!' He does consider one other possibility however: “Maybe I'm filming a classified drone of the airforce.”

But Tony, who says he is an expert and calls himself 'Mr. UFO' on his website, is pretty sure this must be alien: “That's definately not an aircraft. One wonders what they are using to make themselves small. What I'm filming could be huge. A large UFO. It seems to be using some sort of morphing device."

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The ISS definintely can be sighted over NZ, although the times vary as they do everywhere else.


Sim, meu amigo, Otávio. Concordo!


Acredito que, quando falamos sobre tudo que está "acima de nossas cabeças", temos que considerar que nós moramos em uma gigante bola que flutua em meio ao nada!!! Isso é assustador... imprevisível HAHAHA.

As pessoas de hoje em dia tem seu próprio conhecimento, isto é, acreditam somente no que elas sabem...

Se eu dissesse por exemplo, que a ISS é um UFO, pra mim, ela seria um UFO e ponto final...
Porém, eu sei sobre a ISS, e adoro ver ela passando pelo céu... acho emocionante.

O fato é que: existem algumas pessoas que simplismente se negam a acreditar na ISS. Eu conheço algumas pessoas que até discutem comigo quando falo sobre ela...

Eu acredito, eu já ví e ADORO quando passa.
Abraços :)


Asaltydog.... what are you even talking about? Are you referring to this video? If so, are you implying that the ISS is not bright enough to capture on video? Well of course it is! A magnitude of -5.9 is brighter than any natural object other than the Sun and the Moon and very rare fireball meteors. Even the average you quote of -3.8 is brighter than any natural object escept those I just mentioned plus Venus. The space plane is in a lower orbit, but by all reports it is significantly fainter than the ISS. It is much more likely that this video is of the ISS than the X-37B. If we knew the exact date, time and location, I'm sure that Jaap could likely confirm the passage.


It is unlikely that your UFO is the ISS, as it has a Perigee of approximately: 347 km (187 nmi) and Apogee 360 km (194 nmi). The maximum theoretical brightness being magnitude −5.9 (with a typical maximum of −3.8).

However, it is possible you have observed the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle also referred to as the Advanced Technology Demonstrator. It operates in low-earth orbit, 177 km to 805 km above the Earth at a nominal speed of about 28 163.52 kph (17,500 miles per hour).


Not harassed enough if you ask me! Despite all this 'harassing' that Tony claims UFO evangelists get, they just don't shut up. If the subject requires such severe government cover ups, why not a bullet to the back of the head and a drop off in the mid-atlantic? That should work. Let's not forget the possibility that if I had the opportunity, I'd take the chance to wind up Tony by talking into my lapel and cupping my hand over my ear in his presence. So, Tony, please consider the possibility that there are no UFOs, aliens or government agents tracking you. Just people like me who like a good laugh and would happily take the piss if ever given the chance!


Mentally ill UFO nut job beamed to mars and back in time travel operations for the UK Government, my new book one thing despite your rants you have all missed is that in this country and in the US many researchers have been severely harassed in order to keep the UFO situation quiet, ah you all say a rant of a paranoid man, yea ok guys but do your research first and as for me filiming the ISS no, no, it was what it was a UFO not a plane a UFO, not ISS, I do not agree with that it was ISS I am entilted to express an opinion despite your ridicule that it is possible something bigger, god forbid I might even suggest a form of intelligence we do not understand, but hey you all know, so that is that give me a break, and it came in very close indeed although the camera does not show this justice. You should be very concerned over the unelected acts of people in our security services trying to keep the UFO quite. Anyhow time for my day release. I am of course raving paranoid and none of this happens.............

In the words of Harvard shrink John E Mack, Anything but syndrome exists anything at all but seeing a UFO or the possibility that the human mind be interacting with life we do not understand is denied. Anymore from you lot here and it's Carter Ruck all round..........

Tony Topping UFO Expert Extrordinare
HMP Broadmoor.....................LOL.


Damn, and i was just looking forward to see UFO's ... Well, the spacestation is also cool!


How can you be an expert in UFOs? Surely, you'd only be an expert if you can identify these objects. Perhaps I should call myself a UFO expert, in the sense that I really do think that they are UFOs and I don't even attempt to guess what they are, so they are more 'U' to me than these 'experts'!

Actually, there are very few things I have seen in the sky that I can't identify. I've seen loads of lights in the sky and most I have concluded are simply aircraft, balloons, planets, satellites etc. Those that I haven't been able to identify have just been lights. No shapes, strange movements, noises, weird effects. Am I missing something, or is it just that I'm not a mentally defective Walter Mitty character?


I think this guy is a bit strange but I don't think the whole idea of UFOs being a mystery should be tainted by a few weirdos either. The majority of people who are interested in UFOs like myself are intelligent people who think logically and have a day job. Therefore when I read an article with people insinuating that these people are probably mentally ill, that bothers me. A UFO is simply unidentified and doesn't mean aliens, but the alien hypothesis is also valid, see Leslie Kean's new book "UFOs - Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record".

@9 The argument that aliens can't visit Earth because of the limitation of the speed of light assumes that their understanding of physics is equal to ours. We have been a sophisticated industrial society for lets say 300 years, I wonder what our understanding will be in 50 years? There will probably be ideas that are unimaginable today and then consider what a society that was a billion years older than us would be like and the Faster Than Light problem doesn't seem like such a problem.

@11 UFOs are generally mocked but rationally an easy concept to understand. However, abduction seems quite irrational to most, even if it is logical. That said, there are some cases of abduction that have stood up to scrutiny such as the Betty and Barney Hill case. Also John Mack, an academic at Harvard (before he died), wrote a book on the subject called "Passport to the Cosmos" in which he concluded there might just be something to the phenomenon because of the similarity of experiences and integrity of many abductees who gain nothing from describing there experiences and in fact often have everything to lose.

Anyway, let's not ridicule a subject that could do with a lot less ridicule and lot more honest, scientific enquiry.


It's an IFO not a UFO ... and has been identified as the ISS. Tony is clearly a fruitcake or just taking the p1ss.


@ #14:
Bah! CGI. Saw the same thing in the movie Predator, back in '87. :D


TO: Guest - 1 July, 2010 - 19:20:

Unbridled and undisciplined claims about UFOs are in no way the same as reasoned speculation about the chance of life elsewhere in the Universe. The question is not so much about the probability of life elsewhere (as most astronomers at least feel that it is highly probable), but rather about the probability that any form of possible alien life would be visiting Earth in UFOs -- and whether the reports are of any value. Although there are some intriguing cases, the general level of reported "evidence" at this point is quite unconvincing to the scientific mind.

Even in the programs you mention, while the scientists are generally correct and reasonable, the overall direction and production of the programs often trends to the sensational side of things, and remarks are often taken out of context to make the scientist appear to be supporting some viewpoint that is at best distorted from what he or she intended.

Unbridled and sometimes downright silly reports of UFOs, despite well known explanations such as satellite passages, does a disservice by spreading pseudoscience and helping to lower the overall level of critical thinking by the public.


Here in Denver we have a ballot initiative for the voters to decide on whether or not the City should have an "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission." The gentleman pushing for this a few years ago was promoting a video of an "alien" peering through someone's living room window. It looks surprisingly (!) like a person in an ET suit.

We're also getting a UFO convention next week! I just blogged about it on LiveJournal:


The invention of the inexpensive camcorder has certainly been a boon to UFO enthusiasts. It shows just how easy it is to display your ignorance and paranoia.


I made my own UFO ISS video here: https://yfrog.com/mnnv4z
It's even better thanks to the Artefact UFO chasing after the ISS UFO ;)


I cannot claim -- and do not claim -- that all UFO reports are bogus, but I have considered this question for decades, and in fact for a while in the 70s I was a field investigator for the Center for UFO Studies (headed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek), and I have never encountered one with any definitive evidence whatsoever. True, there are interesting cases, but without proof other than potentially hoaxed photos and videos and other bits of highly questionable "evidence," there is no good reason whatsoever to believe we are being visited by aliens. It cannot be ruled out entirely, but there is no good evidence at this point. In my personal experience, every report I looked into personally was without doubt a misinterpretation of some natural or manmade event, a hoax or a practical joke.

I won't go so far as to claim that people who make videos like this one are stuffed chock clean through with wild blueberry muffins, but I certainly think it. Whether videos like this are produced by people with weak minds and distorted imaginations, I will leave for others to determine. But there is no question that they appeal to people who are gullible and intellectually needy. I suspect that many still live in their parent's basements as well.


@#7: I did respond to his videos on Youtube, and pointed at the possibility that he witnessed the ISS flying over. His reaction was very predictable: he denied it being the ISS, and closed comments on Youtube. If people like Mr. UFO have something in their mind it will stay there...



"As for UFO enthusiasts watching the night sky and potentially having mental health issues, that's ridiculous."

No it isn't. One in four of the general population will need treatment for mental health problems.

I wasn't attacking Mr UFO or 'UFO enthusiasts' at all, just pointing out that it's quite possible that he is experiencing delusions of some kind.

Without being pejorative in any way, I'd suggest that the incidence of mental illness amongst those who claim to have seen UFOs is higher than that in the general population. I'd go further and say that virtually every incidence of claimed alien abduction is best explained by severe mental or emotional dysfunction.

I fully accept that there may well be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but that point isn't very relevant to Mr UFO's delusion.

If it turns out that I'm wrong and Mr Topping isn't mentally ill he's just a plain charlatan, playing on the gullibility of others and should be condemned outright.


Dear tjaap and Al,
It's "Guest 1/7/2010 19:20" here and I appreciate your responses to my comment.

I get your points.

I can appreciate mocking someone who is putting themselves out there with less than traditional "methodology" but I still say that it's probably better to just share with him what you know (that he apparently doesn't) so that he can learn, but maybe I'm being sensitive where I do not need to be: so there's that, too, (on me).

I will say, too, that I reacted, and I reacted as I did because sometimes it worries me that we (and I'm including myself, here) can mock someone who isn't 'doing it right', or just because he's enthusiastic about something that has even up until recently been considered taboo in sciences (i.e. life beyond our own planet). I was reacting because I'd rather we didn't mock someone just for these reasons alone.

But you are correct (both of you): he is running around everywhere with some pretty specific um... anatomical details.

Your points are understood.

Fair enough.


@ 7
Thank you for your interesting and in-depth comment.

Yes, it is extremely likely that there is life on other planets. Just because of the incredibly large number of other worlds, statistically it is highly probable that some forms of life have evolved somehow somewhere. However, it is also extremely unlikely that those lifeforms would be visiting us, basically because crossing the universe takes a while. Or rather, eons.

But besides my opinion on that, you are right - if people are serious about looking around them, trying to find out and understand things, then we need to listen to them. But I don't think this man is one of the people you describe so well. If he were serious, then he would have investigated what it could be he was seeing. Instead he chose to make a shaky video, telling people he sees aliens and calling himself Mr. UFO. He's not trying to be serious, which means -in this case- we don't have to be either.

I even think it may be necessary to mock people like Mr. UFO like I did here. By making fun of people who promote pseudo-science and conspiracy theories, we can stay clear on who is applying good scientific method and who is just just looking for their 15 minutes of fame.


hey hey, i wasn't making fun of the guy in a nasty way...it was a weird coincidence that the night after i first saw the ISS this guy came on the radio! i can see why he may think it is something strange but a little research could have stopped him jumping to crazy conclusions about it in the first place!

if i saw the ISS without prior knowledge then it would get me wondering, but i would definitely think it was some government test flight or something like way that before thinking there were purple beasts in a tin ship flying round my home!


Hey tjaap and Al and the commenters, here,
Easy on the snarkiness. I've observed the ISS in the night sky many times and if you don't know what it is - it is startling to see: so perhaps a little grace is in order, here.

Mr. UFO is probably not out to get anyone, or do any harm. I suspect, rather, that he is just excited about what he sees/records in the night sky. Aren't we all, though, who look up in the night? Isn't that why we do so (to see galaxies, planets, stars, and whatever else we might see? Perhaps if you were bigger than just posting a snarky post, and instead personally e-mailed him and shared that the ISS crossed his nation's sky five times that very night, you would educate him and give him information that will allow him to search for UFO's perhaps elsewhere, or at least investigate what he spots (such as looking up where the ISS is in a given evening). Why mock him?

As for UFO enthusiasts watching the night sky and potentially having mental health issues, that's ridiculous. If this logic is the case, then there are a lot of contemporary, not fringe, biologists and astrophysicists at renowned universities and NASA who you can all snark at or condemn as mentally ill.

You do realize, right, that scientists understand now, that statistically it is extremely likely that life exists across the universe (and that statistically, "advanced" civilizations are not beyond the math, or likelihood, either)? See Alex Fillipenko, Michio Kaku, etc. Because we now understand that extremophiles exist on our own planet (microbes that live thousands of feet in the polar ice caps, sea life that lives around volcanic vents in the ocean's floor (far from sunlight), or cave dwellers who never see sunlight); and that the Earth exists in what's considered the Goldilocks Zone (not too hot not too cold) in our solar system and that many hundreds of exoplanets in their systems' Goldilocks Zones around suns elsewhere; and because science now believes it's possible that life exists in the ocean on Europa (one of Jupiter's moons) and NASA is currently working on a probe to go through its surface ice to detect what exists in the water, underneath); and because the famous meteorite ALH84001, known to be from Mars, that had an apparent cellular structure within it at the microscopic level that looks like a worm (or microbe) was dismissed, originally, out of hand is now be re-evaluated because it is now thought to be possibly credible (and also possible evidence that life has perhaps moved around planet to planet, in the universe, by riding asteroids); and because Streptococcus Metios was left on Surveyor 3 (launched in '67) on the moon and retrieved by Apollo 12 mission ('69) and discovered (when returned to NASA on Earth) to be alive, still, having survived launch, the vacuum of space, the radiation of space and the sun for two years; and because of many other recent scientific (mainstream science) discoveries: the likelihood of alien life is actually widely considered very likely today (again, by most mainstream scientists).

I haven't mentioned SETI because I think they're a disappointment since they have not yet delivered on one aspect of their mission statement, yet. The future of alien life discovery is probably not going to come to be, by SETI sitting in the desert listening for a signal in only a narrow range of the light/sound spectrum, anyway (my own opinion).

Don't believe what I am asserting? See the following (all recent shows from the Science channel featuring mainstream, credible, reputable scientists affiliated with mainstream and reputable universities, labs, or government programs discussing why alien life is actually very likely common across the universe):





Remember, many people were mocked (or far worse) when they shared recent discoveries that, at the time, were considered outlandish or impossible, who actually wound up, once they were heard by people with open minds, discovering major scientific realities such as Galileo, da Vinci, or Mendel.

Finally, most UFO enthusiasts who apply logic, the scientific method, and only look for evidence (and do not assert that everything is a UFO, out of hand) will tell you today that 99% of all reported UFO sightings can be explained by everyday occurrences, once investigated (i.e. by MUFON). They often say that it is approximately 1% of all sightings that are investigated that can not be explained. They aren't asserting aliens are driving vehicles over their homes, necessarily (as Mr. UFO does) but rather that the one percent (after being logically and scientifically investigated) is not something easily explained.

Perhaps go a bit easier on Mr. UFO, keep open to recent scientific findings (that are mainstream and widely accepted), and be a bit gracious, if nothing else. Mr. UFO may be ahead of me, you, and anyone else.


absolutely brilliant...i first heard of the video on the radio show i listen to and it was the night after my first ever sighting of the ISS (thanks to @twisst on twitter)! it made me laugh to say the least!


Well, I live near Selby too. And I saw the earliest of the ISS passes on the 29th - just as the Heavens-Above website predicted. Didn't see a UFO though!

Seems to me a chap called "Mr UFO" would be pre-disposed to call almost anything a UFO. I wonder if he's filmed any Chinese Lanterns?



You can't even make a comment on the video's he's posted, they're "waiting for approval"...


I think I taped the same UFO, you can see it right here.

That time, the UFO's presence was very disturbing, because it flew over the Kennedy Space Center just a few minutes before the STS-131 Discovery launch.

I assumed they were checking out our progress regarding the space exploration ;)


If he's nothing else, Mr. UFO is certainly entertaining. Even my children had a good laugh at his silliness.

P.S. You guys rock! :)


Oh dear! It's quite possible that Tony is mentally ill, of course, so I suppose we should make allowances for that.

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