Holiday activity: watching the world from the ISS

I am one of those people who like to sit in front of their computers as their favorite way to spend vacations. Well maybe not the entire time, but it's nice to have some time off and work on a favorite hobby project.

So today I finally get round to working on an API, bug tracking and maybe some new features. While coding, I have one tab open with the ISS itself. The live video stream that is; I just saw ISS flying over the Mediterranean!

ISS live stream Ustream

It is fun to see them crossing continents in the same time it takes me to cycle to friends who live nearby.

This is what the picture above looks like on a map (I took the screenshot about a minute after it passed the Gibraltar Strait):

ny20 ISS Gibraltar Strait

That image is the Google map on You can track the astronauts on the world map on several cool websites. You might want to check out these:

If you know another good ISS tracking site, please post it below or let me know on Twitter.

The whole thing almost makes for a nice warm fuzzy feeling. In this corner of the world it is Christmas time and these images of the world as a whole are very christmassy, don't you think?

They must be thinking the same in ISS mission control. @Spaceboffins made this picture in Russia earlier this week, right after the Soyuz capsule docked to the international space station:

ISS christmas


Happy holidays!