Showing Twisst favorites in a slideshow on Google Maps

When somebody says something particularly nice about our service, I favorite their tweet. In two years I collected long list of enthusiastic responses from many different countries.

I figured it would be fun to share those tweets with you. We already have the coordinates of all our followers, so it would be easy to plot them on a map, right?

Well... not quite. I wanted it to look like this dynamic overview of Wikipedia updates. I couldn't get it to work myself, but thanks to excellent webdevelopers Cliff Odijk and Jeffrey Cafferata (@jcidnl) we got a wonderful map of Twisst's favorites:

It's exciting to see people all over the globe having fun by watching ISS, don't you think? The map will soon be added to the homepage. There's always room for improvement of course: for instance it would be nice if the map would be a little darker, since everyone is watching ISS in twilight :-)

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, post them below! Oh and feel free to tell us about your ISS/Twisst experiences, where ever you are - your tweet might end up on this map!

Jaap - @tjaap

P.s. Like maps as much as I do? Back in 2009 I made this map, on which I plotted all our followers at that time.



Just took my 5 yr old daughter out to see the #ISS move across the dusky DC sky. Beautiful. Inspiring. Keep looking up. Thanks so much for TWISST


ISS just pass a moment ago, disappearing into the light of the sunrise. It was a bright one today.


Your comment from May only came through as an e-mail a couple of days ago, never mind, thank you for replying.
I've looked at the video of the waste dump and it wasn't what I saw. My 'glow' was more brief than that, and came from underneath and was triangular, going downwards only a short way, not trailing.
I looked at some of the other video's, it wasn't a deorbit burn from the SS, was it? I never was sure if it was the ISS or SS as they had recently undocked and were travelling together.
Thanks again for your time in replying to a mere amateur. X


What I find interesting, is that ISS watching (or looking at the night sky in general) is such a family moment. So many people talk about looking up together with their family! Parents, kids, grandparents, friends and neighbors are being dragged out into the garden all the time :-) And as you can see on the map, some people even think spotting ISS together is very romantic!

Ok so from romance to urine :-) Linda, waste dumps in space can indeed be seen. I have never seen it myself, but here's what it looks like:


I just wished I had a telescope again to determine exactly where the ISS crosses. Some are my happiest memories is watching the stars in the sky with my sons whether they were man-made or not.


Love watching the ISS with my three boys, 6, 8 and 12 even my husband has watched it!
Best time was a couple of years ago in Cyprus we saw ISS followed by undocked shuttle. There was also something that looked like a waste release, is that right?
Keep up the good work Twisst. Used to have to check NASA Page, love having the twitter feed. THANK YOU.


A short but sincere message. Excellent. Thanks.



Hi ive been watchin all the passings of the iss. I have been very intrigued by these sightings and look forward to it coming my way. Thank you.

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