ISS spotting in Florida

Are you in central Florida? Then let's meet up to watch the international space station fly over.

A lot of people will be coming to Florida to watch the last shuttle launch (estimated 1 mio people!). I am lucky enough to be there for the #NASATweetup!

As the operator of the @twisst Twitter service, I think it would be fun to have an ISS spotting tweetup there, prior to the big event.

On July 5th there is a very high and bright pass (-3.3) at 9.14 pm. Let's meet up with @twisst followers, #NASATweetup participants, NASA people and other friendly Floridians. If you are around on the 5th and think this could be fun, please join!


When and where

July 5, 8.30 pm.
Casselberry (20 mins from Orlando, 1hr from the Space Coast)
Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot (900 State Road 436), at intersection 436 - Red Bug Lake rd.

Are you coming? Tell us here! (not required)

Photo: gertjanbaarda


Hi Thomas, your suggestions sound great, wish you did see this earlier. I probably should have anounced this earlier, too :) For now I will stick to the advertised location, to avoid confusion. There's always a next time!

Hey Cappie, nice to see you here! Customs and security wasn't too bad (just the normal unfriendly treatment with which America welcomes all its foreign visitors). Weather is great, people are nice, shuttle is still planned to fly on Friday! Joepie!

jaapie, how ist now? Have u been able to pass the costums-from-hell and how is het weer?

x c

If you still prefer western Seminole County, I suggest you meet earlier at the Maitland food truck pod ( at 600 Lake Lily Dr. Which starts at 6. Then you could go a little west toward Eatonville (just west of I-4) where I think there isn't much light pollution.

I suggest meeting farther east in Seminole County (where Castelberry is located) to get away from metro Orlando city lights. Oviedo is due east on Red Bug Lake Road (becomes Mitchell-Hammock Road in Oviedo) so I suggest the McDonald's (1605 E. Mitchell Hammock) just west of CVS at corner of Mitchell-Hammock & Lockwood Dr. If you're coming from west, turn left into Katie Jean St. BEFORE you get to Lockwood. Then, we can go a little further east on County Road 419 toward Chuluota where I live. I'll scout tomorrow for a good location AWAY from street lights...i wish I had seen this earlier!